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"A Visionary Leader -
with a Remarkable Journey"

Ms. Divya Srambical

Founder and Chairperson

A Visionary Leader with a Remarkable Journey

Ms. Divya Srambical, the founder and chairperson of Diamond Dove Group, is a remarkable leader with an inspiring journey that has traversed the worlds of international finance, entrepreneurship, and the serene realms of yoga.

A Banking Luminary

Ms. Srambical embarked on her career as a banking professional, dedicating her early years to the dynamic and intricate world of international finance. Her invaluable experience, garnered through her tenure at several esteemed international banks, shaped her into a seasoned expert in financial strategy, risk management, and global market dynamics.

Yoga: A Way of Life

Beyond her illustrious business acumen, Ms. Srambical is also a dedicated yoga instructor. Yoga is not merely a practice for her; it is an integral part of her life. This ancient discipline, with its profound wisdom and holistic approach to well-being, complements her leadership style, fostering balance, clarity, and resilience in both her personal and professional pursuits.

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