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Pioneering FMCG Excellence

DIAMOND DOVE TRADING: Your Preferred supplier of Top-Brand FMCG Products As a trusted multi-commodity trader, DIAMOND DOVE TRADING supplies a comprehensive range of top-brand beverages, food, household, personal care goods, and services from our direct and subsidiary distribution centers in the GCC and other global markets. We also offer own branded products in “Rice, Flour, Sugar, Pulsus and Lentils, Canned Fruits, vegetables and Tuna, sunflower oil, sauces, flour, soups, dried fruits, nuts,Etc.

The assortment is constantly growing with the introduction of new goods due to market demands. Our dedicated multilanguage team ensures fast and high-quality trading services from inquiry to delivery. Leveraging own IT platform, we optimize the entire supply chain process for seamless customization. At DIAMOND DOVE TRADING, we carefully select suppliers to curate a global selection of unique and top-tier brands, offering competitive and flexible pricing. The geography of our suppliers’ network is wide – we stock drinks and snacks from various global markets, and it’s expanding thanks to the continues search of new products. We prioritize customer-oriented solutions to our national and international distributors, Wholesalers, large retail chains, cash & carry outlets, and specialized stores. Join our fast-growing international team and forge successful partnerships. Contact us today for exceptional deals and service.

Our Brands

Diamond Dove

Indulge in Culinary Excellence with Diamond Dove


Introducing ChipZmunk: A Crunchy Adventure of Flavorful Snacking

Diamond Noor

Welcome to Diamond Noor: Elevating Your Home Care Experience

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